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Red darkness (Re-write)
dandygrrrl wrote in ferardx

Title: Red darkness
Pairing: Frank/Gerard, (My chemical romance) Bob(Mcr.)/Ryan Ross (Patd), Gabe Saporta (Cobra starship)/ Mikey Way (Mcr),
Rating: Overall NC-17
Summary: Gerard’s a born vampire, so is Frank but doesn't know it. Set in the future when vampire's have taken over, and these vampire's can go out in the sun,
Disclaimer: Don’t own anyone but I might try kidnapping bhahahaha <<< Apparently that's a little creepy so yeah don't own no one.
Warnings: vampires, bdsm, crack written as 100% serious, male preg...
Author Notes: Well it's the re-write of Red Darkness. I feel I'm a better writer now then what I was because I've been taking a basic English course, and to the people that go on about the vampires being able to go out in the sun read about vampire legends before the seventeenth century you might be surprised if you go a few hundred years back.
P.S for all people wishing to flame my ass please go here
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Chapter 19

Frank was dancing with Ryan when he felt a pair of arms snake around his waist. He gasped turning around, but relaxed when he saw Gerard.

“Hello sexy.” Gerard grinned grinding against Frank. “Do you and Ryan want to see Gabe’s toy getting tortured?”

Frank smiled as Gerard took his hand and led him towards the stairs that led to the upper levels of the club.
Ryan was following behind them giggling madly. Frank wasn’t sure how much Ryan had to drink but he was more then a little merry.

“I can’t wait for Gabe to punish that bitch.” Ryan laughed. Doll had always creeped him out.

“Yeah it will certainly liven up such a boring night.” Ray agreed almost having to catch Ryan as he fell forward.
“Ryan, how much have you had to drink?”

“Enough.” Ryan laughed.

Frank was a little shocked when they entered the top floor of the club. It was so different from the dance floor on the bottom level. Here instead of the pounding techno beats, there was soft classical music playing. Vampires’ milled about sitting on plush velvet sofas. It reminded Frank of an expensive restaurant he once visited when he thought he was still a human. As he looked around and he realized it wasnothing like the restaurant he once visited.

On one wall hung shackles and most were being used to restrain toys. The heavy iron cuffs made a stark contrast with the flock wall paper behind them.

“Those toys belong to the club. Anyone that’s up here without a slave collar can use them.” Gerard explained following Frank’s eyes. As Frank watched a vampire walked over with a fertile. Frank watched as he picked a toy and unchained it before quickly cuffing the toy's hands behind his back.

Frank noticed that the fertile’s hands were also cuffed but in contrast to the heavy iron restraints, the cuffs were made out of the softest leather and lined with fur. He gasped as Gerard pulled him back against
his body his arms wrapping around Frank.

“I see what you’re looking at baby, when I get you home I will use a pair of them to restrain you to the bed. Your arms will be cuffed above your pretty head and you legs tied apart, then my love I’m going to fang fuck you and then pound you into the mattress.” Gerard whispered biting the lobe of Frank’s ear.

Frank turned in Gerard’s arms his breath catching slightly as he looked into the eyes of his mate. He felt the heat deep in his belly and was more then a little excited by what Gerard said he was going to do to him. He had always fantasized about such a thing and now Gerard had made it quite clear that he wanted to do those things to him.

“Gerard…” Frank moaned and reality faded so it was just him and Gerard. Frank couldn’t stop looking up into Gerard’s now black eyes before they shared a deep kiss. A kiss that was more then lust and it went beyond love, and in that moment Frank knew nothing would break the invisible chains between himself and Gerard. The bonds of the Entwining were forever.

“Hey guys come on, Gabe’s about to punish his toy.” Ryan said running over and breaking the moment.

Frank grabbed Gerard’s hand as they entered the infamous back rooms. The room they entered was painted black and the red lights made the room look as if it was on fire, Frank thought this is what hell would look
like. He was a little scared as scream’s filled his ears, yet there was so much rage in the room it made him light headed in a pleasant way.

He looked over as Doll was dragged screaming onto a small stage, her hands chained above her head and her skimpy top ripped off.

Frank closed his eyes as he felt Gerard caressing him discreetly. It wasn’t much but with the rage building in the room Gerard’s light touches was enough to build up a fire of desire inside him.

Frank opened his eye’s to see Doll being gagged and Gabe being given a deadly looking cat o nine tails.
Gabe looked so cold as he ran the tails of the whip over his hands. His debonair so different from how he acted earlier. His black eyes held a dark fury yet they showed no emotion as he brought the whip down against
Doll’s exposed back.

Frank watched as Doll fell forward her eyes wide with sudden pain, blood was already running down her back. Gabe brought the whip down over and over and if it wasn’t for the chain’s holding Doll up she would have
fell a long time ago.

Gabe put the whip down pulling the unconscious toy’s head up by her hair, before ungagging her. Gabe slapped her face a few time’s until she came round. She started sobbing as she felt the agony caused by how she had been so cruelly whipped.

She slumped to the floor clutching at Gabe’s legs and begging for no more. Gabe looked down at her with no emotion before kicking her away. Frank sighed leaning back against Gerard as Doll was dragged up again.

He wasn’t sure if it was watching the toy being punished or because of the amount of rage in the room but he would have let Gerard take him right there.

He looked back as Doll started screaming again and Gabe looked over at Mikey before saying. “This is for you lover,” Before Doll was dragged kicking and screaming over to the iron maiden.

“Please… Please don’t do this Gabe.” She bagged earning her self a slap before she was forced into the sinister contraption and strapped in. She closed her eye’s tight not wanting to look at the dozen spikes that would soon pierce the length of her body.

She screamed just once as the door slammed shut onto her, but she was beyond screaming as her body was penetrated and the agony was a hundred times worse then being whipped.

Frank watched as blood oozed from under the door of the torture device and a few of the vampire’s around him had started clapping.

“I think that proved how much Gabe loves your brother.” Alex said walking over Dru holding his hand and by the look of the blush on Dru’s pale cheeks the little show had the same effect on him as it had Frank.

“Gabe leave it in there, we can collect it before we leave.” Alex smiled before turning round “I think we all need to get some drinks. By the looks of it our fertiles’ need cooling down.”

Frank smiled as he was led back into the other room and Gerard sat him down. Ryan slumped down next to him. His face flushed.

“God’s there was some Rage in that room tonight.” Ryan sighed running his hand through his hair.

“You felt like that too.” Frank said softly looking at Ryan who quite obviously did feel like that.

“Yeah, you get in a room like that with that much Rage it’s bound to put you, how should I say it, in the mood.”

It was a few hours before they decided it time to go. Doll kept blacking out but it wasn’t long enough for her to forget the pain she was in and then the door opened and she was untied. She slumped to the floor and she could hear laughter. She looked up to see vampire’s looking down at her broken body.

She looked over at Gabe who wasn’t even looking at her, he was kissing and cuddling with Mikey. She wanted to crawl over to him, but after what had happened to her she knew she meant nothing to him. So when no one was looking at her, she crawled over to a table pulling her self up and with the last of her strength she ran.
t was a miracle she made it outside, and as she fell into a ally wayone thing was on her mind and that was revenge.

Yep that was the last chapter to Red Darkness but I might do a one shot of what happens once Gerard gets Frankie home. Now it's on to the re-write of Blood and Roses :D Blood and Roses will just be posted at [info]fobvampirehunt


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oooh I more chapter with gerard and frankie!

Lol I shell right it then :)

i agree one more chapter with gerard and frankie :)

It will have to be done then

Loved it, sad its over but cant wait for the re write of blood and roses and that gerard and frankie one shot

Lol I'm working on the one shot

one more chapter please.!
and i know ive said this before
but its amazing hot much your writings changed (for the better)
i sound like a teacher.
i like the cliffy.

Oh I will be doing one more chapter I think.

dude, i hope you do a one shot of what happens once Gerard gets Frankie home :D i am at a loss for words as to how much i love this fic.

I'm glad you enjoyed and they will be another chapter.I feel it needs to be done.

Sorry I haven't done much commenting but you know how much I love this fic, can't wait for the re-write of Blood and Roses and yes you should definitly do the one shot of Frank and Gerard...Please...

I absolutely LOVED that story. If you continue it (which I hope you do) PLEASE send me a message about it, otherwise, I'll be practically stalking this LJ xD

Thank you so much! <3 You're an amazing writer :3 I hope to see more stories like this from you!

Thankyou you can find a lot of my fic on my Mibba.

Really?? What's you're SN on there? I'll add you :D

Good dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

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